Sunday, 14 April 2013

Summer comes to the north Kent coast

Broad warm sector with a slight  anticyclonic bend in the pressure pattern bring summer to Hampton beach,  Herne Bay. I couldn't quite believe the forecast temperature of 19C but at 1500 it was up to 24C - even Manston recorded 22C. 

The huts nestle beneath Hampton Hill and a South Westerly goes straight over the top of them leaving the beach in a Mediterranean micro-climate. At the waters edge there is calm conditions but gust patterns are apparent after about 10m and soon these gusts would be enough to knock an unwary sailor over. Unfortunately the sea temperature doesn't change so quickly, it remains at 5 or 6C, which must have come as a disappointment to those seduced into trying an early season swim.

The winter has brought months of icy North Sea winds to the North Kent coast but conditions flip dramatically with the onset of a South Westerly with Heme Bay to Gravesend recording the highest temperatures in the UK.  There has to be a small Fohn effect caused by the passage of air over the north downs with adiabatic warming as the winds descend to the Thames estuary. For the record, Lydd and Dungeoness (to the south on the channel coast) struggled to get over 15C

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