Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beauty Near the Centre of a Depression

An active day for Kent yesterday with an extended, complex area of low pressure lying across the North Sea and through our island; there was much weather.  An viscious trough line of showers crossed the county giving down pours and causing Emma to worry about the state of our drain pipes.  After the heavy showers had gone we spent the evening at Fowlmead Country Park for Thanet Road Club cycle training.  My forecasting students often asked: what happens in the middle of low pressure away from fronts? Answer, convection and showers and .... sunshine.  The shots below show a sky with scudding clouds which are the remnants of massive cumulo-nimbus as well as bright sunshine over the atmospheric marshes which lie between Deal and Sandwich.  There was a rainbow too bu my photographic skills were not up to capturing that. All valid at about 1900.

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